child behaviour covid

Understanding your child’s behaviour during COVID-19

Have you noticed that your child’s behaviour has changed recently? Maybe they are more irritable, angry, or frustrated. Are they acting out to get your attention? Maybe they seem quieter or more withdrawn than usual or perhaps they’ve regressed and have started sucking their thumb, being more clingy or wanting to sleep in your bed? These are all very normal reactions to times of uncertainty and crisis. Just like us adults, our children have big feelings too, but they don’t have the knowledge, [read more]

I was trying to be the perfect Mum, raising the perfect child…

What do you say to a visitor when they spill a drink? What would you say if they came round and forgot something, if they weren’t quite with it or weren’t their usual chirpy selves? What would you say if they told you that they weren’t sleeping well and felt tired or weren’t feeling that [read more]

Are you feeling anxious?

We have as many as 50,000 thoughts a day, 80% of those are negative and 98% are repetitive [National Science Foundation]. Judging by the statistic above, it’s no wonder there are so many of us with anxiety! I suffered with anxiety for many years. Now I help people to overcome anxiety and issues of low [read more]