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I’m just about to head out for the evening when I realise there is only one nappy left in the house. It’s no secret that I’m disorganised but this is pretty slack parenting even for my standards!

So, I considered my options – take a risk (you just can’t, the day you do some kind of freak poo storm will happen); makeshift an emergency nappy (surely an old towel would do the job if it really had to?); SOS call a friend (further show up my motherly ineptitude); I could run to the shop…and back again…before I went out (but I had my heels on).  And you know what, none of my clothes were covered in sick or snot for once, I’d washed (and dried) my hair and all I really wanted to do was walk out the door, carefree and not in Mum mode.

Then I had a flash of inspiration, I’d had an email from Amazon to tell me my PRIME membership (which is a lifeline in itself) included their NOW two-hour delivery option. Hallelujah.

I know Amazon – and it’s big corporate ways – doesn’t sit well with everyone but for someone of a disorganised disposition like me I need its next day / same evening and now this more immediate delivery service. (It was even better when the ‘hot’ delivery guy knocked at the door but I think he’s either too in demand or hiding from Mums like me, as he hasn’t been back for a while).

Anyway, I digress.

I quickly downloaded the app on my mobile. It was an easy search to find the nappies I needed plus some other things I was running low on – oooooh, get me, how organised – actually not, I just had to meet the minimum spend (which is £20). You say where you want it delivered. You give a mobile number so they can let you know when to expect your order. You can tip your driver – or remove if you’d rather not. You choose your two-hour delivery window (free with your PRIME membership) or you can pay an extra £6.99 if you need it sooner.

Too busy out enjoying myself I wasn’t there to witness the service in all its technical and physical delivery glory; but the husband said it was ‘fine’ which is praise indeed from him. The nappies arrived in their branded packaging but none of the excessive wrapping and boxes that you usually get. The other items arrived in a paper bag (see pic below). Imagine, you could have £20 worth of chocolate or wine (yes they do both) in that bag and no one need know! Or for the healthy folks you can also get your bananas, tomatoes, broccoli and more.

I think it’s a great service and I’m sure to be using it again.

  • Amazon NOW is only currently available in some parts of London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Essex.
  • Deliveries are between 8am and midnight.
  • A signature may be required on delivery of items like beer, wine and cider.
  • Mobile app only service.
  • You need to be a PRIME member – annual cost of £79.

Tempted? New customers can use PRIMENOW5 at checkout to get £5 off their first order.


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