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In January (way back in those pre-COVID days!) we held our first ever Women Aloud Life-Talk event. We were thrilled to host the evening at Cositas and to welcome life coach Sarah Bramall as our guest speaker.

Sarah is a professional life coach who is passionate about helping women to start living their best life. Sarah has personal experience of making changes in her own life, she has ‘walked the talk’ and is an inspiring example that it can be done.

After having her third child Sarah returned to work as an English teacher, but when her A-level teaching responsibilities were taken away she became increasing bored and frustrated. She didn’t want to work full-time or relentlessly chase promotion, but she didn’t want to stay stuck where she was either. It was around this time that she was asked a coaching question…‘what could you do about it?’ It was a simple question and Sarah didn’t realise at the time, but this question changed her life. The question prompted Sarah to write down 10 things she could do about her current situation – including move to a new school, privately tutor, change career or suck it up.

When she recently found this list again, Sarah couldn’t believe how dramatically her life has changed over the last 5 years. She’s done most of the 10 things on that list, other than suck it up! The big change being that after 18 years in the education profession, Sarah is no longer a teacher. Instead, Sarah has retrained and now works as a life coach. It took lots of hard work and determination but Sarah also says she couldn’t have achieved this life transformation without the support of life coaches and mentors who believed in her even when she didn’t believe in herself. Which is why, now, as a qualified coach, Sarah is committed to helping other women find a way forward like she did.

Life is too short not to live it the best you can.

Sarah understands that it’s not always easy to live your best life without a little help along the way…

As women our instinct is so often to put ourselves at the bottom of the pile. We don’t stop to think about what we really want; to consider what really matters to us; to feel safe exploring our hopes and dreams. We often lack the support or self-belief to make a change. So, when I work with women, I encourage them to take some time to think about what’s most important to them; to consider areas of life they’re not completely satisfied with and how they might change it. I help my clients to reflect on their responsibilities, to identify their priorities, to set realistic goals. As well as coaching on how to achieve change in their life, I provide practical advice on confidence, resilience and the importance of success habits to make changes stick.

During our evening with Sarah, we had a taste of how she works with her clients. Sarah led us through a series of coaching questions and exercises to help us start thinking about what we’d like to change in our lives – which so often we don’t give ourselves time to do.

  • Starting with self-care, Sarah challenged us to consider what we do to support our self-care. Something that Sarah feels is fundamental if we want to live our best life.
  • We then considered the many different roles we all play, and the numerous responsibilities attached to these roles. Sarah asked us to consider which responsibilities really matter and which we could consider ditching or delegating to others.
  • We used the wheel of life tool to think about the different areas of our life such as health, friendship, career etc. We rated each area on a scale of 0-10 and then selected an area to focus on improving.
  • Finally Sarah asked us all to make a commitment to taking immediate action.

We were also joined by Angel Ashcroft who bravely shared her personal experience with breast cancer and how this life-changing event led her to coaching, which in turn has helped her to re-evaluate; to reconnect with what’s really important, and to find a new direction in her life. You can hear more about Angel’s story here.

If you’re reading this and thinking there’s something (or lots of things!) you’d like change, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many of us in our Women Aloud community are wanting to shake things up a bit or just take some little steps towards a happier, healthier life. If you’re not already involved with us, you’re very welcome to join our Facebook group or to sign up to our mailing list to learn more about our life-talk events and the ways in which we can support each other. (There was a lot of interest in this event and we didn’t have enough space for everyone on our waitlist, so we may run it again. If you might like to join us next time, please sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated.)

Sarah is on hand to help you too, with:

  • vision board workshops
  • one-to-one coaching
  • online group coaching.

Sarah also runs a Transformation Hub group on Facebook which is a private group for sharing goals, asking questions and supporting each other through the transformation journey. Sarah posts lots of useful advice on here and on her coaching page so please do sign up! And if you aren’t sure whether coaching is for you, Sarah is offering a free, no-pressure, discovery call to talk more about your options for moving forward. A final word…

It was such a pleasure to run this event, there’s something so uplifting about women getting together to share, support and inspire each other. I can’t wait to get going with our next events now!

And I can’t finish without giving thanks. Firstly, to Sarah for sharing her experience and insightful advice, and to Angel for telling us her story. Thank you to Cositas for letting us host in your beautiful shop space and to Tara’s Vegan Treats for our doughnuts. Finally, thank you to those of you who bravely attended, not really knowing what the evening would hold – I really hope it encouraged you to make some small steps in the direction of change!

Much love,
Laura x

PS: we now offer annual membership to Women Aloud which includes free entry to monthly events, priority booking for life-talks, discounts and perks reserved for members only.

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