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As a food blogger who writes about healthier food choices, it’s a bit weird to say but I really dislike it when people judge what I eat. It’s a bit like Hermione judging the Weasley twins for only knowing the “flashy useless magic” they use to create their joke shop. Sometimes it’s useful to know how to hex your Potions teacher!

Food is often at the centre of our happy times. I certainly feel happy when I think of the feast that appears out of nowhere in the Great Hall on Harry Potter’s first day at Hogwarts. How incredibly brilliant is that?! Gosh, I wish my school put on fantastic spreads of food just like Hogwarts! Food is also a major part of our everyday lives; eating with friends, lunch breaks at work, photos on our social media. And that means our food choices are out there, laid bare on the table, for possible scrutiny or judgement.

Let’s take my own approach to food. I LOVE healthy food. I’m an ambassador for Juice Plus, a great product and lifestyle choice that promotes clean eating. However, for me, there has to be a balance between the healthy stuff and the cheat meal or treat. And I don’t want people judging me for it. Just because I’m the girl who drinks green smoothies for breakfast, puts quinoa with my chicken and eats avocados instead of cheese – that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the occasional butterbeer and chocolate frog!

A few weeks ago I was at the pub with some friends and craved some chips. So while they were all eating burgers and deep fried camembert with garlic bread, I ordered the healthier option with a small bowl of fries. And that’s ok. But there are people who find it hard not to comment on someone else’s food decisions. I wouldn’t ask someone ‘are you really going to eat that’ – and yet if you opt for the healthier option you’re often more open to people making comment. I’ve certainly been at the receiving end.

Every time I make my lunch at work I get at least a couple of comments from colleagues – “Ooh that looks healthy.” Innocent comments really, but they do sound surprised. As if it’s unusual to want to eat healthy food? And when I recently expressed a love of pepperoni pizza in casual conversation about pizza (which happens regularly, because hey, who doesn’t love pizza?) and someone said, “But you can’t eat that because it’s not made out of soy mince and green vegetables.” Hmmm, yeah but it doesn’t stop me wanting to eat it! I crave a nice hot cheesy pizza just as much as the next person. Can I get some butterbeer with my pizza please?!

Equally, let’s not judge people for chowing down on a burger, onion rings, fries and then continuing with cheesecake for dessert. Unless, of course, they then moan about feeling crappy and they wish they hadn’t have eaten it – and they do it all the time (as frequently as Snape shouting at Harry in Potions class!) If they genuinely regretted their food choice, and they wanted advice, I’d offer mine but I wouldn’t make any unsolicited comments about someone’s decisions about food.

So, I would love it if we could all try and stop judging people for what they eat. Be it healthy or not. Before we judge others, how about we tidy up our own plate first.

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