No card. Again. It’s time for a card subscription.


I’m completely disorganised. I try not to be but I’m a work in progress. I remember a few weeks in advance that it’s someone’s birthday. This time I tell myself I WILL get that card sent on time, no, make that early. I’ll get that card bought, written and in the post way before it needs to be.

And then I completely forget.

Suddenly it’s the day before, I’m scrabbling through the dregs of the card box (yes, shocking I know but I do actually have a card box!) Nothing is right for said person, so it’s a mad dash into town to buy one – probably the same one I hurriedly bought last year. Then it’s the hastily written message (all the most heartfelt cards are written in the street while leaning on one’s own leg) and a mind-numbing, complete waste of my time queue at the local Post Office having to pay for next s*dding day delivery. And I have no one to blame but myself. Every freaking time!

And then I discovered Card Nest…who offer a monthly card subscription service and an online card shop. You can either browse their shop for any cards that take your fancy or you can join their Card Nest Club. When you join the club you’ve got the option of two membership plans. With the Little Nest plan you get three cards a month delivered to you for £7.50. Or the more cost effective is the Big Nest plan where you receive six cards a month for £12.50 plus you get 20% off any extra purchases you make from the online shop. Every month you can choose which cards you want from a selection of nine designs or you can opt for a surprise selection. It’s a rolling subscription so you’ll receive three (or six) cards every month unless you cancel or take a pause. The cards are posted out on the first of each month.

My husband rolls his eyes at another of my attempts to get more organised. But I’m happy with my Card Nest subscription. My new stash of cards have certainly come to the rescue more than once. As has their add-on-stamps option, which has helped save me from some miserable stamp-less woes. I like that I’m getting cards which have been designed by some great illustrators and artists from around the world. My card delivery is something I look forward to receiving each month. It’s useful. It’s not expensive and it saves me having to traipse to the shops. Seems like an all round winner to me.

Visit the Card Nest website to sign up for your membership plan or just to browse the online shop – new designs are added all the time. You can also buy subscriptions as gifts.


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