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APRIL 2017

If you’ve been to one of our book clubs before, you know that we don’t just talk about the book. If you haven’t joined us then it’s only fair to confess that occasionally our conversations veer off on tangents. We do come back to the book but along the way we make a few pit-stops. And I like it because we’ve had some great discussions – sometimes related to themes in the book, other times we’re off in a completely different direction.

But that’s fine.

It’s one of the reasons we have our Women Aloud name – because I believe in the power of women and our words (ooooh, that sounds deep!) I always gain something from our conversations – be it an intellectual insight, a different perspective, a better understanding…or an idea, a spark of inspiration, a flash of enthusiasm. Most often though, I come away with a list of recommendations that people have given. And I love that.

So why limit it to book club I thought? How about we have a regular feature on the blog where we share our recommendations? Why not introduce ‘Word of Mouth Wednesdays’? Why not indeed. So there we have it. It’s our new thing!

Word of Mouth Wednesdays: your chance to big-up a business, a product, a place – an activity, a recipe, a life-hack. Anything you think is worthy of a recommendation, just send me a message (laura@womenaloud.co.uk) with a few details – no lengthy writing skills needed as we’re going to keep it brief. This is your way to get involved with the blog without having to come up with a 1000-word creative masterpiece – although if you’d like to do one of those, I’ll take that too!

Going back to our most recent book club here’s a snippet of some of the things we discussed and a few recommendations:

  1. The book! The Muse by Jessie Burton. Unfortunately, most of our book members weren’t wowed by it. I liked it but I was in the minority! Some of us plan to read Jessie Burton’s other novel The Miniaturist.
  2. Swing dancing: Tuesday evenings, 7.45-11:00pm at the Jubilee Centre, Catherine Street, St Albans. Beginners welcome. http://www.jiveswing.com/classes/st-albans/
  3. Spamalot the musical: Tuesday 25 – Saturday 29 April at the Alban Arena. Inspired by the classic comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. https://www.alban-arena.co.uk/events/spamalot/
  4. If you’ve ever been interested in writing a children’s book, the City University of London (near Angel station) run short courses in Writing for Children: it runs for 10 weeks, costs £265. They also run a variety of other short courses. http://www.city.ac.uk/courses/short-courses/writing-for-children
  5. Tantrum Club: a club for people to express their pent-up emotions by popping balloons, shaking it out, war-cries, air-kicking, hitting bean-bags with bats! Classes are in London but are supposed to be coming to Hertfordshire soon. Sign up to http://tantrumclub.com to find out about events near you.
  6. If you’re looking for somewhere to meet a friend near St Pancras, give Drake and Morgan a look. It has two bars, a restaurant and outside space. Find it at 6 Pancras Square. http://drakeandmorgan.co.uk/kings-cross/
  7. ReadItSwapIt: a book exchange website that allows you to swap books. Sign up to register your books and then swap them with other readers in the UK. It’s free to use the site – all you pay for is the postage of sending the book. http://www.readitswapit.co.uk/TheLibrary.aspx
  8. Some books our members have been reading:
    • Our endless numbered days by Claire Fuller
    French children don’t throw food by Pamela Druckerman
    • Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers
    • The Letter by Kathryn Hughes
    • How to build a girl by Caitlin Moran
    • The girl before by JP Delaney
    • The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. (And if you want to see the play get in quick as the final performance at the Gielgud Theatre will be on 3 June 2017.)

That’s it for today ladies, it’s not Wednesday after all! Don’t forget to email me (laura@womenaloud.co.uk) if you want to give a shout out and share your recommendations in our new Word of Mouth Wednesday feature.


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