Home hairdressing with Babytrim


One of the many milestones on the long path through parenthood is a baby’s first haircut. There are many salons out there who can help you mark the occasion with a deluxe salon experience but I couldn’t justify the cost for snipping a few locks off. In the search for alternatives I came across the Babytrim. Designed by Mario Granito, a professional hairdresser, the Babytrim combines scissors and a comb so you can easily – and safely – trim your baby’s hair.

So far, I’m very pleased with my purchase. The Babytrim works by running the comb through the hair, and at the press of a button small blades emerge from the teeth of the comb and cut the hair  – all while my child remains blissfully oblivious to what I’m up to. There’s no danger of my child turning around and snatching a pair of scissors from my hand. I can trim and tidy his hair effortlessly from home, and at a fraction of the cost compared to regular trips to the hairdresser. [The Babytrim usually retails for £20.]

If you’re interested to see the Babytrim in action, click here to look at a video clip on YouTube >

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