How to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed


how to cope with overwhelm

Please join us for our next Women Aloud event on Wednesday 23rd September when we’re going to be talking with transformational coach, Sarah Bramall, about ways to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  • Do you feel like you’re on a never ending treadmill trying to get everything done?

  • Are you struggling to do it all but you’re not sure how to make things better?

  • Do you often lack motivation or focus which makes it harder to achieve what you need to?

  • Do you find yourself getting stressed, irritated or emotional when it all gets too much?

  • Would you like to feel less overwhelmed?

If you answered yes to any of these, then please know you are not alone in feeling like this.

We’re living such busy lives and now we have the added pressure of Covid-19. There is so much to do, to think about, to plan for. It’s no wonder you feel like you’re drowning under a pile of to-do’s and should-do’s. But that pressure, that sense of overwhelm is a heavy load to carry and it’s not sustainable nor healthy, which is why I’m thrilled that Sarah Bramall will be with us to talk about how we can lighten that load.

As a transformational coach Sarah works with women to create change through confidence; communication; wellbeing and mindset. Sarah believes in the importance of a balanced life and the power of coaching to help women manage their time and energy to achieve that balance.

In our session Sarah will cover:

  • The importance of prioritising self-care

  • Balancing our roles and responsibilities

  • Putting boundaries in place

We will be sharing insights and ideas, as well as providing you with a safe space to:

  • Share experiences

  • Ask for advice

  • Reflect on what changes you could make in your life to help lessen the load.

We’d love you to join us!!!

Here at Women Aloud we think there’s something really powerful when a group of women get together and we’d love you to be with us for this online event. Numbers are limited to ensure we can have valuable conversations so please reserve your space as soon as you can!


Tickets are FREE for our More About You Members and £10 for non-members. If you’ve got any questions about this event or our Women Aloud membership (which includes free and discounted tickets for all our events), please do get in touch 


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