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After another mealtime hovering over the baby trying to catch dropped food and control wayward spoons, Victoria began ‘the clean-up’. Wiping the baby. Washing the highchair. Changing the trousers. Mopping the floor. There must be a way to make weaning easier, thought St Albans-based Mum, Victoria Salter. And she set her mind to coming up with a solution.

The result? She’s invented the Matojo Suckerbib which helps tackle the three biggest weaning problems – washing, germs and waste.

Victoria, who has always dreamt of inventing something useful, named the bib Matojo (pronounced Ma-toe-joe) after three of her family members: her two sons, Max and Toby, and her mum Joan, who sadly passed away.

The advantage of using the Matojo, instead of other conventional bibs, is that the waterproof bib also suctions onto tables or high chairs. Designed to catch every bit of food, the Matojo Suckerbib helps to reduce the time it takes to do the dreaded clean-up operation. It also acts as a built-in hygienic surface that’s safe to eat from, which is especially good for babies that might be at risk of an allergic reaction from cross-contamination.

It’s amazing how much mess one little person can make when they eat.

With the Matojo Suckerbib you’ll experience less washing, less germs and less waste. No more squashed food on baby’s clothes. No more putting food onto dirty highchair trays and tables in restaurants. No more food going straight on the floor when baby is learning to eat. The bib is designed to work on any highchair – with or without a tray. Its machine washable and quick drying so it’s ready for the next meal.

The bib is also environmentally friendly. It’s a long-use product which can be used for up to a year for each baby. It significantly reduces the number of baby wipes you need to clean up after every meal – and the packaging will be recyclable too.

Sounds like a winner all round to me!

So, how can you get your hands on a Matojo Suckerbib?

Victoria has raised the money she needs to get the bib into production, ready to go on sale later this year. But you can get your hands on the Matojo before they go on the market, by being a Matojo Kickstarter campaign supporter. If you pledge to give £18 you’ll be one of the first to receive a Matojo Suckerbib. Pledge £30 and you’ll get two. When they go on sale the retail price for one bib will be £20. (And if your weaning days are over, this would make a great present for any new parents you know.)

If you’d like to make weaning a more enjoyable experience for yourself and all the other parents out there (and help bring Victoria’s dream to life) please help spread the word or pledge here on the Matojo Kickstarter page >

And don’t forget to follow Matojo on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest developments.

Happy weaning everyone! x


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