Why didn’t I know about freezing food – flat – in bags?


I’ve always loved my freezer but having a toddler has brought new meaning to the words ‘frozen ready meals’. Move over oven fish and chips (the husband’s meal of choice when he’s ‘cooking’ for himself) I need room for all that home-made Bolognese that I’ve cooked in bulk. Don’t applaud my domestic goddess-ness, it’s only because I never seem to plan my time well enough to make it on the day.

I chuck everything in the freezer – coconut milk, pesto, herbs and plenty of big old Tupperware boxes. That was until my life was turned on its head by a feature (on a well-known morning TV show) about freezing food – flat – in zip seal bags.

What the heck?! Why had I never thought of this – or been told by those more worldly than myself? It makes complete sense. I can get so much more packed in if I freeze flat in bags rather than bulky boxes.

If you, like me, missed the memo on this, it’s now time to reinvent your freezer…

  • Buy a load of zip-seal bags in different sizes. Smaller ones for individual servings or large for a family meal.
  • Before you fill it, label the bag – with what’s in it, the date and how many portions inside
  • Fill the bag – don’t overfill, leave some space at the top for any expansion – flatten it gently and seal
  • Layer up your freezer with all those glorious quick-fix meals.

And defrosting is simple too. A quick blast in the microwave or run some hot water over the bag and you’re ready to start reheating. If its non-meat I often just throw it straight from the freezer to the pan. I tell you, it’s the little things like this which I need to make my life easier!

Justine Pattison is the woman who featured on the show and revolutionised my frozen world. She wants to get us all making the most of our freezer and her website is full of ideas and recipes to help us reduce food waste by freezing more. You can check it out here >

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