How’s your Pelvic Floor Health?

Please join us online on Tuesday 6th October at 8pm when we are going to be talking about Pelvic Floor Health.   Has jumping, laughing or sneezing become a bit of a ‘leaky’ activity?  Do you constantly need to go to the toilet or find yourself rushing to get there in time?  Are you experiencing [read more]

How to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Please join us for our next Women Aloud event on Wednesday 23rd September when we’re going to be talking with transformational coach, Sarah Bramall, about ways to cope when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Do you feel like you’re on a never ending treadmill trying to get everything done? Are you struggling to do it all but [read more]

Get to grips with the bitch in your head

How do you speak to yourself? Do you give yourself a hard time? Would you talk to a friend the same way you talk about yourself? Negative and critical; putting yourself down; not feeling good enough or comparing yourself to others…anything resonating? It happens. It’s our inner critic at work. But it doesn’t have to [read more]

Join us for our Women Aloud virtual book club

Every month our Women Aloud members get together for our popular book club events. Given the current coronavirus situation we’ve changed to virtual events hosted on Zoom. Our events are members-only but if you’re interested in joining us as a member, you can sign up as an online member here > If you can’t join [read more]

An A-Z of date ideas (St Albans)

Whether it’s a long-overdue date night without the kids, a first date or a double date with friends…we hope you find some inspiration here in our A-Z of date ideas, in and around St Albans. ******************** Admire some artwork at one of these St Albans based Art Galleries – Gallery Rouge, Whitewall Galleries, or Nude [read more]

Book review | The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood

The novel we discussed at September’s book club was ‘The Darkest Secret’ – written by Alex Marwood; the author of bestseller ‘The Wicked Girls’ and ‘The Killer Next Door’ (which is being adapted for film.) On a quick digression, Alex Marwood is actually not a real person. The author’s real name is Serena Mackesy and she first became [read more]

Chappell & Caldwell Supper Club

Mother’s Day this year was going to be a quiet affair [given I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have a chickenpox ridden toddler] but I did have something extra special to look forward to – I was going to a supper club run by Chappell & Caldwell. Founded by St Albans resident, Ali Young, Chappell & Caldwell offers bespoke cookery lessons and private chef services [read more]