Ten things helping me feel better


How are you? Here in the UK we’re out of lockdown but things are still feeling pretty heavy for a lot of the people that I’m talking to. So I thought l’d share some things that have been helping me. These haven’t been a magic fix of course. There have still been moments of frustration and anxiety. But these have helped take some of the raw edge off.

I’m well aware that tomorrow may look very different. Next week and the week after may feel much harder. All of these good intentions may fly out the window and there’ll be days where I’m shouting or sobbing (or both!) But I’ll just keep taking it gently, one day at a time, and I hope you’ll do the same. Find what works for you and reach out to someone when it all feels like too much to carry on your own.

So, these are ten things that are helping me feel better and slightly more sane at the moment:

  • Getting up earlier than the kids for some quiet me-time.
  • Going to bed earlier instead of watching TV or mindlessly scrolling on my phone (and it makes the earlier mornings easier).
  • Ten minutes of morning meditation using Calm (another 10minutes in the afternoon if I can with Headspace).
  • Yoga – I’m currently doing Yoga With Adriene – working my way through her July ‘Process’ Series (she has a new theme each month which you can catch up on YouTube.
  • Daily gratitude – there’s something lovely about a new notebook to help restart some daily gratitude practice, putting a few things down on paper each day and encouraging my daughters to think of something as well (they mainly focus on what snacks or TV they got to watch but hey, it’s a start).
  • Drinking more water, and staying off the booze (this is a tricky one but if you’re interested in cutting back on the alcohol have a look at This Naked Mind).
  • Getting outside for a walk – even if it’s only for 20 minutes round the block at the end of the day.
  • Music – loud music, kitchen dancing or home discos to lift the mood – inspired by our inner critic session with Jess Nicks Coaching last year, my daughters now ask Alexa to play Taylor Swift ‘shake it off’ every day and we all go for it dancing around – it’s great for changing our energy and shaking off some of that sh*t we’ve got on our mind.
  • Being kind to myself – or at least trying! Taking off some of the pressure and trying not to compare to others or mentally beat myself up too much.
  • Talking to my therapist; writing things down to get them out my head; listening to inspiring podcasts (ok, I cheated here a bit with a 3 in 1 answer!)

I’d love to know what’s been helping you??? Please do comment here or join the conversation with me over on Facebook or Instagram.

Sending love.

Laura x

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