We all have something to say. We want your words!


Here at Women Aloud we feel pretty strongly that words connect us. You might not think your words matter, but they do.

As women we are fountains of knowledge; we can give advice, opinions, and recommendations. We can share our stories and experiences.  We can inspire others and support someone in their time of need.

And that’s why we have this new website; the new home for our written words. Somewhere to share all the great things that our members have to say. It’s cheating a little in the literal sense of ‘aloud’ but this site is one of the ways that our members can talk ‘out loud’ for all to hear.

There are loads of women’s lifestyle websites out there but the vision for this is that it’s written by the members for the members (and anyone else who might arrive here). You won’t need to remortgage the house to do the things that people recommend or leave your husband to embark on a new life doing yoga in Bali (unless that’s really what you want to do). We don’t want you to spend a long time sat reading, only to feel rubbish about what you are or aren’t doing. We’ll focus on the real-life stuff that isn’t always glamourous or exciting but it’s what we’re all dealing with.

As you can see it’s still in the very early launch stage but over time I hope we can build an online community. A place to come to read something interesting, to join in a discussion, to connect with other women.

So, how can you get involved?

First step – if you’re not already, you’ll need to become a member and then you can have your say…

  • Share your story – self-reflection, life experiences, inspiration – we welcome all your honest words.
  • Send us your reviews or recommendations – let’s be the powerhouse behind word of mouth.
  • Big up wonderful women – is someone you know doing something great? Tell us about it.
  • Ideas, events, opinion, advice – we’ll consider it all!

Some guidance for your words…

  • You can email us your words – no more than 1000 if possible. We might make some edits. If we think significant changes are needed, we’ll let you know.
  • If you’re not comfortable writing, get in touch and we can either send you a Q&A document which you can fill in or we can have an informal chat to get all the details and we can write it for you.
  • If you prefer to speak rather than write you’re very welcome to do a video piece instead.

Perhaps you want to write for us but you’re not sure what?

Here’s what some other members will be writing about soon: realities of motherhood, recovering from a health-scare, changing your career path, learning a new skill, favourite spas breaks, best place for cocktails, beauty advice, charity work, women’s wellbeing, book reviews – the list goes on. You don’t need to write about the big, life-transformation stuff – unless you want to. We also want all the little nitty gritty bits of life – like advice on how to find the bottom of your washing basket or clean up lily pollen stains from a cream carpet (rather than trimming the carpet, applying vinegar and hiding it under a child’s play tent – true story!)

We’ll consider most submissions but anything we feel is defamatory, disrespectful, discriminatory etc. will not be used.

If you’ve got some words to share or an idea you want to run past us first, please email laura@womenaloud.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you. x

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