When it comes to fashion, it has to work for you


Today we’re talking fashion and styling with Nina from Edits Styling. After having her children, Nina decided that travelling and working long hours wasn’t what she wanted to do anymore, so she set up her own business as a personal stylist and image consultant. In the latest of our ‘sharing your story‘ blogs, Nina talks about her passion for fashion and encourages us all to feel more confident in ourselves and the way we look.

I’ve always felt passionate about helping women with their style

After 15 years working in the fashion industry, it seemed like a natural choice to start my own styling business. I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives and be able to share all the knowledge I’d gained to help women feel great about themselves. It’s so rewarding to work with a client and see their confidence, their happiness and all round wellbeing improve when they look and feel their best.

When I work with my clients I offer a range of image improvement services to help them look fabulous, every day. I teach them how to shop for their body type and colouring, and make clothing choices that make them feel amazing. In one consultation I can see the change in my clients; they feel great and the results can be life changing for some people.

Every woman, irrespective of her age, deserves to feel confident about the way she looks

If I was working with you, we’d look at your current style and address any image issues you may have. I can then help you discover your own personal style, suited to you and your lifestyle because when it comes to fashion, it has to work for you.

I understand the challenges of trying to look and feel great whilst coming to terms with a change in lifestyle, a change in body shape, and the speed with which a busy parent or professional needs to get dressed in the mornings. With hectic work schedules, busy family lives and chaotic social calendars, women have little time for themselves, which is why I like to help my clients make changes to their style with as little effort as possible.

I don’t think there’s a magic solution for juggling everything in our lives

The best part about running my own business is being able to work to my own schedule. Juggling work, kids, a dog, home life, social life is an important part of who I am…and as an organised person I like to plan in advance so that the day, the week, or the event runs smoothly (even if it is crazy busy some days!)

I have a great support network of friends and neighbours where we all lean on each other for lift shares, taking care of each other’s children and being on hand to share a big glass of wine when the day is finally over! I am also very fortune that I grew up locally so my parents and immediate family live nearby. My kids have such an amazing relationship with their grandparents and they have been a wonderful support, I certainly couldn’t run my business without them on hand supporting me.

Have confidence in yourself and love what you do

As I’m my own boss it can be hard to stay motivated all the time. In the first year of running Edits Styling I was so quiet with bookings; I knew I needed to do things like write blog posts but I didn’t always feel like writing as I thought no-one was reading them. But slowly things turned around and the consultations increased. I realised that if people have a positive experience with me then they will promote what I do to their friends…so word of mouth really is the best form of marketing for me.

If you’re starting your own business you need to be confident, in yourself and in what you’re doing. You’ll have times when you doubt yourself, so you have to love what you do and be good at motivating yourself to do it. I want my passion for my job to come through every time I talk about what I do, or when I talk about style or shopping or fashion – I love it when my passion rubs off on other people.

The positive feedback that I get from clients is what drives me on through the difficult times. When I see photos of my clients looking amazing or hear about the compliments they’ve received and see their confidence soar; that’s when it’s all worth it!

If I could go back and give my younger self some advice about life, it would be to live in the moment more

I loved my job as a buyer but I didn’t always appreciate how much when I was actually in the job. I got to travel to some amazing places, but never thought further than work when I was there. I wish I had taken more advantage of the time to explore Vietnam, Toyko, Istanbul and other places I have yet to revisit.

Running makes me feel healthy and happy

When I was at school, I used to run cross country and in athletics, and I hated it! Since I had my third child I took it up again and I love it! I put my headphones on and take myself off running. It makes me smile, it makes me feel healthy and it gives me time off from the house and the kids. I enjoy being busy and active. As well as running I make time for hiit classes and I love being social. But as I get older I know when I need time out too; I need to have downtime with the kids, and time at home too.

In my local area of Harpenden and St Albans, there’s a wonderful community of like-minded women running their own businesses

I like being able to support women in my community and get support back too, it’s great. Recently I’ve worked with a couple of make-up artists, Charlotte Jay Make-up and Catherine Batour Make-up who are amazing at what they do. And also photographer Clare Lane who I did a great photoshoot with recently and the photos are fantastic!

Thanks so much to Nina for sharing her story. If you’d like to find out more about Nina’s styling services, please visit the Edits Styling website www.edits-styling.com, email nina@edits-styling.com or if you want to chat you can call Nina on 07738497056.


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