Me and my mooncup


You know when you realise that over ten years after discovering a new product, you’re still ahead of the curve? That was me when discussing Mooncups at our recent Women Aloud book club. One impromptu speech extolling their virtues later, I had some converts, a few maybes and kudos for my eco and purse-friendly love of the Mooncup.

What is a Mooncup?

If you’re new to the game, Mooncups are reusable, silicone, internal menstrual cups that are clean and easy to use. Just insert, fill ‘em up, tip ‘em out, rinse, reuse and boil between cycles. And at just one £20 spend over ten years you can imagine how much money I’ve saved compared to friends: money which has helped to pay for wine, travel and not VAT for government coffers for our ‘luxury’ tampons.

If you do off-the-beaten-track travelling, you’ll know that sometimes it can be hard to find tampons in some countries and if you’re into hiking, love the earth or just hate emptying bathroom bins, their ethical credentials mean that you really are at one with nature.

Where can I buy myself a Mooncup from?

Mooncups can usually be found in health-food shops (though they are inedible), on the Mooncup website and also in most Boots stores.

Click here to read about what size you need (depending on your age / if you’ve given birth!) and find answers to any other questions you might have >

Mooncup menstrual cup

Sarah and her mooncup   *Written by Women Aloud member [Sarah G]


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