It was time to tackle my underwear drawer


Decluttering is another ongoing project in the K-household. I’ve tasked the husband with the target of one thing must go a day (he’ll be going commando soon if he continues with his mission of each day discarding a pair of pants  – confusion between the washing basket and the textile recycling bag perhaps?!)

Anyhow, his pant clear-out inspired me to reflect on the sorry state of my own underwear drawer.

Faded granny pants. Cheese wires that don’t seem to hold my post-baby bits securely enough anymore. Lovely pants that I’m now squeezing my cake-butt (technical term) into. I think it’s probably best to ditch the lot and start afresh with honesty about what my body looks like / needs these days! And then I come to bras. I have way too many…mainly purchased by my Mum, who bless her must think I go through bras like builders go through cups of tea. Enough is enough. It’s time to purge myself of the mass of bras that time and again get shoved to the back of the drawer, neglected and unloved.

But what to do with them?

I know some of you crafty types are probably making yours into scented bra pouches but it takes me a year to sew a button back on, which means anything I actually have to make is not an option.

Then I heard about Smalls for All – a charity set up to “say pants to poverty”. Founder Maria Macnamara, who had been volunteering overseas for many years, decided that she wanted to do something to help vulnerable women in Africa. And so began Smalls for All – a charity who collect and distribute new knickers and new or gently worn bras to women and children in Africa.

It’s something I totally take for granted. Yet for many women around the world, they don’t even have one pair of pants or a bra, let alone a drawer full of them. This lack of underwear is a health and hygiene problem for many poor African communities. For girls fortunate enough to get an education they often have to miss school days due their lack of underwear. It’s also an issue around social standing and safety. Underwear is seen as a sign of status and offers a level of personal security. When a woman has underwear, it is assumed that she has a male figure in her life who cares – so these women are not regarded as being on their own; they are less vulnerable to attack.

So, that’s where my barely-worn bras are going. I’m also buying some new knickers as any woman or child going pant-less just isn’t right.

Please join me in decluttering your drawers and send your ‘gently worn’ bras (well-worn cannot be accepted, they still need to have good wear in them) to:

Smalls for All®
Five Sisters Business Park
West Calder
EH55 8PN
United Kingdom

And if you have a few pounds to spare, you can include a packet of new knickers children aged 3-15 or ladies size 8-16.

Thanks for reading. Be grateful for your pants. x

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