Feel good songs | What’s on your playlist?


Monday mornings; humdrum housework; dull drizzly days – they are all made infinitely better by music – well I think so.  I’m in a much happier mood after listening to some of my favourite feel good songs. My grumpiness lifts, things don’t seem so bad, I get an energy burst and feel more upbeat.

So every day the music goes on.

Jazz café mellow while we eat or funky disco for a Friday. Pop and power ballads stuck in a traffic jam. Old school R&B to get ready for a night out. Mainstream dance and house to make me feel sprightly and still (partially) with it. Occasionally I give in to a few nursery rhymes but most of the time we just like songs we can dance around to. Yes, we like to dance in the K-household (husband included). At weekends the toddler and I have been known to put the leg-warmers on to get fully in the mood. She doesn’t know it yet but soon we’ll be in full dress up with our hairbrushes, ready to re-enact those Top of the Pops glory days which I remember so fondly from my younger years.

And while my music taste is varied – it’s pretty fair to say I’m not the coolest cat in town. (The friends that foolishly let me loose on their Spotify account soon realise I am not the person to be putting together the party playlist!) Each to their own and all that.

So, at the risk of being ridiculed and excluded from future soirées, here are 30 songs from my very own feel-good-playlist (I’m actually cringing that I’m admitting to this). It will fill some of you with horror to know there are more great songs on my playlist but I’ll stop at this…

  1. Ain’t nobody | Chaka Khan
  2. Ain’t no mountain high enough | Marvin Gaye
  3. All night long | Lionel Richie
  4. Could you be loved | Bob Marley
  5. Cruel summer | Bananarama
  6. Don’t stop believing | Journey
  7. Don’t worry be happy | Bobby McFerrin
  8. Escape (the Pina Colada song) | Rupert Holmes
  9. Flashdance – What a feeling | Irene Cara
  10. Holding out for a hero | Bonnie Tyler
  11. Hold on | Wilson Phillips
  12. Hungry eyes | Eric Carmen / Dirty Dancing
  13. I knew you were waiting | George Michael & Aretha Franklin
  14. I wanna dance with somebody | Whitney Houston
  15. I’m coming out | Diana Ross
  16. I’m so excited | The Pointer Sisters
  17. Is this love | Alison Moyet
  18. Let’s hear it for the boy | Deniece Williams
  19. Love is a battlefield | Pat Benatar
  20. Ms Jackson | Outkast
  21. Papa don’t preach | Madonna (or Like a Prayer)
  22. Push it | Salt n Pepa
  23. Show me love | Robin S
  24. Smooth criminal | Michael Jackson
  25. Somebody else’s guy | Jocelyn Brown
  26. Walking on sunshine | Katrina & the Waves
  27. We don’t have to take our clothes off | Jermaine Stewart
  28. Would I lie to you | Charles & Eddie (also like the more recent John Gibbons version)
  29. You can call me Al | Paul Simon
  30. You give love a bad name | Bon Jovi

There we are. I’m willing to ruin any glimmer of credibility I may have had; just in case there might be one song that makes you smile, sing or dance around the house.

Now I want to know your feel good songs

Comment below or message me privately if it’s worse than my choices and you want to keep your identity unknown! Then I can add them to the list and the next time you’re feeling a bit ‘blah’ for whatever reason, you can come back to this post for some song inspiration. Turn it up as loud as you can without your neighbours complaining or putting your hearing at risk. Dance as though no-one is watching – unless you prefer that someone is watching?! (Maybe you possess the same confidence of our previous neighbour who did everything naked, in her glass fronted flat with no curtains, eyeful indeed!)

Clothed, naked, whatever you prefer but let’s do this. Sing. Dance. Feel good. x


4 Comments on Feel good songs | What’s on your playlist?

  1. Numbers 3, 14 and 22 are big hits in our household must admit! We also enjoy a kitchen bop to “Happy” by Pharell and “Jump Around” by Kris Kross.

  2. Tina Charles-I love to love
    Abba – Dancing Queen (of course!)
    Adele – Rumour has it
    And many more that I don’t know either the artist or the title for!!

  3. Anna, I thought I was the only one in the world who knew Tina Charles! Laura, I love that Salt n Pepa made it onto the list – and yes, I almost spelled that P E P P A …clearly that is all that’s played in the Greenwood household! Here’s a few of mine:

    Shoop – Salt n Pepa
    Walking in Memphis – Cher version (anything by Cher really. I’m a loud and proud fan!)
    Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations
    Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
    Cool Rider – Grease 2
    Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio (yes my friends, I have been known to rap after a few cocktails. I’m so OG!)


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